Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter 2011

So I've definitely been slacking on the blog posts...partly because I finally got a J.O.B!!!!!!  Woooohoooo!!  I was hired as a high school geometry teacher and haven't had much time to catch up on my blogging so here we go...

For Christmas we were able to go home and visit with our families for about 10 days.  We had a wonderful time and were able to see our new little niece, Kate:)  Unfortunately, I already uploaded those pictures to and I can't get them back on my computer to upload to the blog:(  Either way, we had a great time and it went by so fast.

As for life out in California, we've been able to go skiing 2 times since the new year and have had some visitors.  Brian and I went skiing with our good friend from home, Paul Baker, over MLK weekend.  We had a great time and the weather was fabulous!

Brian and Paul mentally preparing for skiing the next day.

Up bright and early ready to hit the slopes.

Gettin' cozy in the gondola

View of Lake Tahoe from the gondola

Top of Heavenly

Vida in her Lake Tahoe scarf:)

Our next ski trip didn't go so smoothly...We decided to go up to Tahoe for President's day weekend in February and stay with some friends.  There is a group of pilots who rent out a house for the winter and kinda let who ever wants to stay there crash for $20/night.  It's a pretty good deal, but it's kinda like going back to college all over know, sleeping on the floor, sharing bathrooms with 10 people, and getting zero sleep.  Either way, we were grateful to be able to stay somewhere so cheap.  But that's not all that happened on this trip up to Tahoe...the main problem came as we were driving up there.  We decided to leave around 10pm so we would get there around midnight.  We figured if we left later, the traffic wouldn't be so bad.  Unfortunately (or fortunately - however you want to look at it) Tahoe was forecasted to get tons of snow and it was a 3 day weekend which means that all of California wants to go skiing.  We were moving along pretty good when all of a sudden the interstate turned into a parking lot for 5 freaking hours!!!  No took us 7 hours to get there...I'll give you a minute to do the math...............that's right it was 5 a.m. when we finally pulled up to the house:(  Since the weather was so bad, there were multiple chain control check points as well as minor traffic accidents everywhere.  At some points we just put the car in park and turned it off.  People were out walking around having snowball fights as we just sat there!  We were exhausted!!  Poor Brian and Tyson (one of Brian's coworkers who we drove up with) had been up for about 22 hours by the time we finally arrived.  Knowing myself, I told Brian that the next day was going to be a half day for way was I going to get up at 7:30 and ski all day.  Either way, the skiing turned out to be great and the weather was fabulous!